Board of Management report 02/18

A meeting of the BOM took place in the school on Monday, April 30th. All members of the board attended.

The school’s new Child Protection Statement was formally adopted at this meeting. It will be displayed in the school and is also available by clicking the following link: school-safety-statement.pdf.

Related to this, the staff have made some changes to the running to the school. In the mornings, instead of waiting at the gate, pupils are now allowed to enter the yard, where they are supervised until the school building is opened at 9.10am. Lunchtime has also changed: there is a first bell at 12.30 but pupils remain in their seats, eating their lunch, until a second bell is sounded (at 12.35), following which they can then go outside.

The discussion of the draft Critical Incident Policy has been postponed until the next board meeting.

First Communion took place on the Saturday before the meeting. The board wishes all the children who took part the very best and thanks the Parents’ Association for their providing of the refreshments afterwards.

The next meeting of the board will take place in the school on June 11th.

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